Creating a Customer Signoff Process

Ensuring the you have captured all relevant information when completing a Job is an important part of the Job Management process. In many cases details about the customer and the work completed need to be stored and easily retrieved later. EziBusiness enables you to capture additional information about the customer and store their approval of any work completed. In this post we'll outline how to

Recording your time on a job

Accurately capturing the time you and your staff spend on each job is an important part of job management. EziBusiness now offers tools to record time on a job and to capture other information, such as if payment was received and what method of payment was used. What is a Work Record? Each time you attend site and carry out work for a Job, you create a Work record. Depending on your business, ea

Creating a new form

Replace paper forms, logs and registers by using the online form builder provided by EziBusiness. EziBusiness allows you to build your own online forms to capture additional information about a job, or provide step-by-step checklists to ensure that safety procedures are followed correctly. Some of the Forms you can create include: Risk Assessment Forms Customer or client information requests

The Future of Field Service: Social – Mobility – Cloud

Social Many analysts believe that the next wave of efficiency in mobilising your workforce is the area of social collaboration. There are a number of social networks for businesses, most notably Yammer, but many of these are not especially suited for the mobile worker. Collaboration can reduce phone calls back to the office and avoid costly revisits. If faced with a challenging problem, the fiel

Why there's never been a better time to mobilize your workforce

With mobile workers across the globe numbering 1.2 billion, it may come as a shock that according to TOA Technologies, many companies engaged in field services activities still struggle with three basic questions about their mobile workers. Where are they What are they doing How long will it take The use of smartphones both in the consumer and business market continues to grow, with smartp