Customer List Screen

The Customer List screen provides a snap-shot of information about your Customers and enables you to find and sort the records.

Finding Records

Use the Find button to locate the customer you require. The Find Customer screen contains a number of filters including Customer Name, Suburb, Status and Rating. You can use any combination of filters to refine your search results.

Simply type in the text you want to search for into the Name or Suburb text fields and EziBusiness filters the records to find any that match. The more text you type, the narrower your search becomes. Delete the text to remove the search and view all records.

By selecting an option from the Status or Rating drop-down lists, you can filter the list to show only those records that match your selection.

Sorting Records

Click in any of the column headings to sort the results displayed in the Customer List by the content of that column. The column that is currently being used to sort the records is highlighted and clicking the column heading again will sort the column in descending order.

Opening the Details Screen

Once you have found the Customer you need in the Customer List screen, you can Click or Tap on the link labelled Edit to open the Customer Details screen.

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